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My name is Letisha Bereola.

I help women find clarity, purpose & happiness in their work.

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It's Time To Re-Imagine Your Career.

Kiss burnout goodbye. Say hello to work that lights you up!

I believe our careers should feel more like a calling and to get to that place four crucial things need to happen.

*You have enough clarity to imagine the type of legacy you want to leave in your career.

*You're grounded in purpose and understand who you're created to be.

*Your work is connected to what's important to you and your career is in alignment with your values.

*You have the audacity to put all the above in motion and pursue the work life you really, truly want.

That's exactly what I help my clients do. No more feeling burned out and disconnected from your job. You should feel happy and in your sweet spot while you work.

Of course you'll have challenges and it can be hard, but I'm here to make sure when your head hits the pillow you're at peace and have deep satisfaction with your career.

Let's work together.

"Coaching with Letisha exceeded my expectations and I thank God for putting Letisha on my path even when I didn’t realize why initially I needed her. From our first session, Letisha asked thoughtful questions and encouraged me to think outside of my day to day work to seek clarity on why I was feeling or reacting certain ways to scenarios I was confronted with. We assessed and revisited my core values which helped me to gain insight on how I was to navigate my career. I greatly appreciated how much Letisha listened and didn’t give resolutions. This forced me to think and meditate on some topics more critically. And then there were our closing prayers.. Wow! Those really sealed each session for me."

Valerie Allen, Senior Director

"BOOK NOW! Letisha is super genuine + a woman of God which aligns with who I am as well. She was engaged the entire time and made sure that we opened our sessions with my most pressing thoughts at that moment. This allowed me to view my problems in an entire different light and to truly focus on what matters and that's becoming the best version of myself to serve and add value to the spaces that I occupy. I am now OK with letting go, regardless of what I've done for five plus years. I am truly walking into my zone of genius. I highly recommend Letisha. I can't wait to share with her all the amazing things that derived from our time together."

Janielle edge, real estate agent

"My life was changed through every session and call. The tools and strategies she provided for me will serve as the moral compass that I will use to guide me for the rest of my life. She helped me to truly discover my purpose and the values that I want to live by. Having her as a life coach has allowed me to show up in the fullness of who I am and to walk in any space with confidence knowing that my mission in life is to love and empower others."

- ASHLI DOSS,Communications Manager

" I received a revelation from God on exactly what I should be doing and how He was going to get me to that mountain top. I think God used Tish to show me what was in store for me next. It was through her coaching that I figured out what God needed me to do in order to get where I want to be career wise. Her sessions felt like two friends catching up, but having a conversation about life goals and how we could move to actually accomplishing them within a set amount of time. I appreciated her prayers after every call. They solidified that every piece of action item we discussed during coaching would get done ‘In Jesus’ name’. "

- Andrea Henderson, Journalist

"Letisha is a wise soul. She's a great listener, asks tough questions that help you get to know yourself better and she truly wants to see you grow, succeed and live your best life. An investment in coaching with Letisha is an investment in yourself, your future, and your happiness in finding the purpose God has for you and your family."-Candace Scalese.

- Candace Scalese, TV news anchor

"Letisha is a woman on fire...for herself, for God, for you! After spending a few minutes with Letisha's presence, you can feel that she moves with purpose. I had the pleasure of being Letisha's Life Coach. She's done the work. She has prepared herself to be your guide. You're in excellent hands. Have fun & enjoy the experience!"

- Kara Gaisie, Life Coach



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