This Is Who I Am.

Get to know me!

Hi! Letisha Bereola. I'm a Career Coach who helps women craft a career that lights them up. I'm also a Contributor for TheGrio where I coach thousands of people weekly and help them navigate their careers with clarity, audacity and purpose.

Before becoming a Career Coach I had a successful career as a TV News Anchor spending 10+ years on living room TVs helping people navigate life.

During my time in news I racked up an EMMY nomination, was recognized on the local, state and national level for my work and was crushing my career goals. But I've got to tell you... toward the end of my career I began to experience career burnout to the 10th degree. It felt like everyone was around me was too (hello, Pandemic) and I wanted to channel my energy, skills and love into helping people beat burnout and find deep satisfaction in their work. I created my coaching business and never looked back.

Through weekly contributions to TheGrio, my podcast AUDACITY, speaking engagements, interviews, workshops and my private coaching practice I'm helping thousands of women curate their careers like never before.

I'm a mom of two, wife to a creative genius, FAMU Rattler and a Believer in Christ. I'm so happy to welcome you here. Let's find a way to work together!